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"Kelley Vlahos is one of the most fearless and principled writers on America’s military-industrial complex and security state." -- Jason Wilson, The Guardian 


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Israel Boycott Exposes Serious Rifts in the Democratic Party -- The American Conservative -- 3/5/19

Walter Jones Cried While the Rest of Them Lied -- The American Conservative -- 2/11/19

Former Yazidi Sex Slave Is Americas Shame--The American Conservative--12/16/18

Emergency Confiscation is Easy Target in New Gun Control Congress--The American Conservative--12/11/18

Ten Years Gone: Iraq and Afghanistan Vets on What It All Meant--The American Conservative--11/9/18

Vets Cheer as VA, DoD Take a Beating at Burn Pits Hearing---The American Conservative--6/8/18

Targeted Killing, Donald Trump Style--The American Conservative--6/4/18

Senators Offer Up Unprecedented War Powers to President -- The American Conservative--4/18/18

Tiny Qatar Digs In Amid Gulf Blockade and Washington Intrigue--The American Conservative--3/16/18

U.S. Saudi Lobby in Overdrive Ahead of Prince MbS Roadshow - The American Conservative -- 3/2/18

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Sessions Unleashes the Hounds on Pro-Pot States--The American Conservative magazine--1/5/18

F-35 Success: Real or Imagined? ---The American Conservative magazine --11/17/17

Afghan Soldiers Went AWOL in U.S. For Years-- The American Conservative -- 10/30/17

Bowe Bergdahl Was 'Guilty' All Along -- The American Conservative -- 10/17/17

Burn Pits' Legacy: 'Delay, Deny, Hope You Die' -- The American Conservative -- 10/9/17

Is Tom Cotton's Inner Realist Struggling to Get Out? -- The American Conservative magazine -- 9/21/17

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The Square Circle, 1/6/2017

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'Mafia Fighter' Chuck Myers was Pentagon watchdog, unsung hero of close air support -- The American Conservative -- 12/1/16

Do you know how many contractors are in Afghanistan, Iraq ...Syria? -- The American Conservative -- 10/25/16/

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Stop Pandering to Veterans -- The American Conservative -- 2/1/16

When Money Cannot Buy An Army: Billions Spent on Afghanistan Potemkin Village -- The American Conservative -- 1/20/16

Stigma of the 'damaged veteran' a barrier to treatment, as suicides claim more US troops -- -- 1/19/16

The Cult of Air Power Will Not Destroy ISIS -- The American Conservative -- 12/17/15

Critics try, but fail to kill $1 billion weapons deal for Saudi Arabia -- -- 12/12/15

The Obama Guantanamo Challenge -- The American Conservative -- 12/1/15

U.S. Postal Service to newspapers: your marijuana ads are illegal -- -- 12/4/15

Given another chance: Alternative courts help returning vets in trouble with the law -- -- 11/11/15

Pentagon reportedly suspends missile defense program behind runaway blimp -- -- 11/4/15

Hollywood Horror: Psychological classics vs. modern slashers -- -- 10/27/15

Mississippi, Washington cities sued over charges they maintain "debtors' prisons" -- -- 10/22/15

How Republican Primaries Create More Pentagon Pork -- The American Conservative -- 9/27/15

DoD accused of ducking Afghan child abuse controversy with 'lawyer-speak' -- -- 9/26/15

DEA blasted for no-warrant searches of patient records, court battle heats up -- -- 9/11/15

'Nothing to stop ISIS': Attack underscores threat facing US force in Egypt -- -- 9/4/15

John Kiriakou: The Whistleblower the CIA Couldnt Break -- The American Conservative -- 9/3/15

Ex-officials prosecuted for mishandling govt info see double standard in Clinton case -- -- 8/17/15

Police Spying Meets Bipartisan Opposition -- The American Conservative -- 8/21/15

GOP candidates jockey for position in final debate dash -- -- 8/2/15

America's Already-Failed Cyber War -- The American Conservative -- 7/23/15

Lt. Col. Danny Davis: Army Whistleblower Turns Populist -- The American Conservative -- 7/17/15

Study blames college tuition arms race on schools addicted to federal aid -- -- 7/10/15

Republicans look to deliver blow against ObamaCare medical device tax -- -- 7/4/15

Review: In "Ghost Fleet," future war expert Pete Singer imagines WWIII with China -- The American Conservative -- 6/22/15

Punished for giving pet tips? Docs, vets battle online medicine regs-- -- 6/15/15

Vital VA hospital project in limbo as price tag soars, lawmakers vow no bail-out -- -- 5/22/15

They will pay off: Employers, advocates help returning vets face next battle -- landing a job

Senate fight looms as law allowing NSA to collect phone data set to expire -- -- 5/16/15

2nd Amendment advocates push to repeal switchblade, other knife laws -- -- 5/11/15

Weed wonks head to Capitol Hill, talking taxes and policy reform -- The American Conservative -- 5/1/15

If Not Hillary, Who? O'Malley in spotlight -- -- 4/27/15

U.S. loyalty to Saudi Arabia buys moral, strategic dilemma -- The American Conservative -- 4/17/15

New VA scandals call into question agency's ability to clean house -- -- 4/17/15

Terror attack, threats of more violence raise security questions for Obama Kenya visit -- -- 4/7/15

VA program to provide private care stumbling out of the gate -- -- 3/13/15

The DEA strands veterans -- The American Conservative -- 3/6/15

How secure could it have been? IT crowd questions if Hillary email could have been targeted -- -- 3/6/15

Beer battle brewing in Congress over craft tax 'carve out' -- -- 2/27/15

Abu Ghraib goes to court -- The American Conservative magazine -- 2/19/15

As Ebola crisis fades, questions arise over billions in U.S. aid -- -- 2/9/15

A Blackwater World Order: The privatization of U.S wars swells the ranks of armies for hire -- The American Conservative -- 2/6/15

Arming up -- Federal IGs from the USDA to FCC want guns too -- The American Conservative -- 1/13/15

2016 X-Factor: Potential GOP hopefuls seek help running for White House, re-election at once -- -- 1/5/15

Afghanistan's Still-Broken Government -- The American Conservative Magazine -- 12/23/14

Sen. Mark Udall: Civil liberties lose a champion - The American Conservative -- 12/5/14

Could Jim Webb give Hillary a run for her money? -- -- 11/24/14

The Military Industrial Candidate: what President Hillary Clinton would mean for the defense establishment -- The American Conservative -- 11/20/14

Republicans take control of Congress: Can Obama, GOP end perpetual conflict? -- - 11/5/14

John Nagl returns: COIN failed its way to popularity before, but its biggest champion won't give up --The American Conservative -- 10/31/14

Once-sleepy South Dakota Senate race could pose problem for GOP -- -- 10/10/14

The Iraqi Army Never Was - The American Conservative magazine -- 10/9/14

The next top cop? Race to replace Holder begins -- -- 9/25/14

The Army Attacks Ebola -- The American Conservative magazine -- 9/25/14

How suburban Virginia became an Ebola epicenter -- 9/19/14

Proponents look to expand marijuana legalization in November -- -- 9/15/14

Islamophobia makes a comeback -- The American Conservative -- 9/11/14

Coal industry dealt another setback as Oregon blocks export plan will feds help? -- -- 8/29/14

How oil rules Iraq -- The American Conservative magazine -- 8/28/14

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer's campaign ads raise eyebrows -- -- 8/25/14

In California, Republican candidate runs outside-the-box campaign for governor -- -- 8/22/14

Underdogs seek late surge in 3-way GOP Senate race to take on vulnerable Alaska Dem -- -- 8/18/14

How Farmers Almanacs figure out Mother Nature -- -- 8/19/14

Bankrupt California city eyes marijuana for revenue -- -- 8/1/14

Matthew Hoh: Washington Doesnt Forgive Whistleblowers -- The American Conservative -- 7/30/14

Iraq Vets Ask: Was It Worth It? -- The American Conservative -- 6/27/14

FCC tests ways to kill the telephone wire --Digital Trends -- 6/15/14

Bowe Bergdahl Takes Obamas Heat -- The American Conservative --6/13/14

Afghanistan election: Will country turn the page, or descend into chaos? -- -- 6/8/14

Memorial Day Nightmare: As scandal sweeps the VA, real reform will come from institutional transformation, not more number games -- The American Conservative -- 5/23/14

CBP's Mark Borkowski: Restraint Paying Off for US Border Technology Buying -- Border News Network -- 5/12/14

Veterans of the Burn Pits: vets still waiting for VA registry -- The American Conservative -- 5/2/14

Cannabis Goes Corporate: As marijuana moves to the marketplace, regulators fear another Big Tobacco -- The American Conservative magazine, 4/15/14

Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan -- -- 4/4/14

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Special report: The Cyberwar Threat from North Korea -- -- 2/14/14

Chuck Hagel: the Pentagon's Invisible Man? -- The American Conservative -- 1/23/14

Rise of the Bronies! The male fanbase for 'My Little Pony' caught even the show's creators off-guard -- The American Conservative -- 1/3/14

Local Courts Reviving 'Debtor's Prisons' for Overdue Fines and Fees -- -- 12/26/13

Why the 'Warthog' Matters, or, A Turf Battle Amid Sequestration -- The American Conservative -- 11/29/13

For the first time you can watch the Earth spin from your browser -- -- 11/22/13

Pols, states claim new EPA water reg could bring feds into your backyard -- -- 11/21/13

Snowden Shakes Up Washington -- The American Conservative -- 11/5/13

Red Flags? Company behind ObamaCare site has checkered past -- -- 10/23/13

Legal Pot Goes Local in Colorado -- The American Conservative - 10/18/13

$93M ObamaCare website may face months of glitches, experts warn -- -- 10/9/13

The Military's Prescription Drug Addiction -- The American Conservative Magazine -- 10/3/13

40-years of the "Fighter Mafia": Informal military group of subversives for reform -- The American Conservative -- 9/20/13

20th Anniversary of X-Files: Only for a Pre-9/11 World -- 9/11/13

Neocons Are Back, But Not in the GOP -- The American Conservative -- 9/5/13

Col. Gian Gentile Talks COIN and 'Savior Generals," in His New Book -- The American Conservative Magazine -- 8/22/13

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Meet the Next Martians: Aspiring Red Planet Colonists in Washington D.C -- -- 8/5/13

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Nick Turse, Exhuming Vietnam: An interview with the author of 'Kill Anything That Moves'-- -- 3/5/13

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Surviving War, Falling to Suicide: Brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, and depression are as hazardous as any battlefield -- The American Conservative -- 1/1/13

The Babies Will Haunt Us -- -- 12/18/12

10 years of DHS: Blessing or 'bureaucratic monstrosity'? -- -- 12/8/12

Syrian government websites find suitable host in US servers -- -- 12/5/12

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